Google Rolls Out Mobile First Indexing

After months of preparing website owners, Google has begun to actively notify small businesses of their new Mobile First Indexing process. Because the majority of Google searches occur on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), Google will now begin indexing websites based on the mobile content and design of that site. To better understand this roll-out, one must read the details … Read More

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Business

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses from Simon Says WP

LinkedIn is a social media platform for connecting professionals all over the world. It is also quite a powerful tool if you are looking to promote your products and services. As the audience on LinkedIn is different from the ones on other social media platforms, you need a sound strategy for effective marketing. To help you out, here are three … Read More

3 Tips to Marketing Your Business Successfully on Instagram

Instagram marketing for small businesses

With more than 800 million active users on Instagram, your business can no longer ignore this social media platform as it is extremely popular. When you use it properly, it has the power to reach out to hundreds of thousands of users. Below are three of our favorite tips on business marketing your Instagram profile, these will get you started … Read More

Handling Negative Customer Reviews Like a Pro

Handling Customer Reviews like a Pro

Handle Negative Customer Reviews Like a Pro One of the biggest nightmares for any business is to receive negative reviews from their customers. As you may already know, getting negative reviews is bad for your business as it affects the perception of your customers. Regardless of how long you have been operating in the industry, there will always be a … Read More