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Visibility Strategies:

With Simon Says WP, our SEO team can help create strategies designed to make your site more visible on Google and Bing. With an audit of your current website we can identify areas of improvements to meet the best-practices of search engines. Some strategies we may employ includes revising your site copy and structure, coding, metatags, descriptions, and more. In this way, top search engines can identify your business site and link you to the targeted keywords for ranking.


Rankings & Your SEO Profile:

Increasing your business' organic search positions on Google and Bing will help to improve traffic to your site and your overall SEO profile. Our team will establish an ongoing plan designed to help you achieve your SEO goals. This may involve content marketing (blog posts/articles), outreach to acquire high-quality backlinks in your industry, and increased digital marketing and social media focused on your brand and your website. These efforts help your business to stand out from the noise in search engine results and create a more relevant digital footprint for your brand.
All of our plans start with our initial SEO Start-up Phase: This start-up phase involves initial research, competitor evalutation and site setup. Our team will audit your site, make appropriate modifications of key components on your website. This will help search engines find and accurately classify your website in your targeted keyword areas. The price for initial setup is determined by the number and competitiveness of keywords we identify for ranking - along with your input. Each keyword/key phrase will receive individual planning and attention.
The Ongoing SEO Plan (comprehensive phase): Effective search engine optimization is an on-going process. These services are offered under monthly plans (minimum commitment of three months). The monthly price for this ongoing phase of optimization is determined by the amount of content we write for you and the number and quality of backlinks that your site needs. We can acquire backlinks from sites at all levels (Domain Authority of 20 and up). Lasting results come from a commitment to your brand's SEO profile, we can support you in that effort.
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